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Your Websites User Experience Matters More than Ever

What is User Experience (UX) exactly?

We live in an age where attention spans are getting shorter and it's all about making sure that every step you take, every button you click, and every interaction you have is smooth and easy. If there was a recipe for the perfect user experience, you would mix together easy-to-use design, eye-catching visuals, and a sprinkle of WOW surprises that keeps you engaged at every step!

UX is all around us, but we often don't notice it because it's just a daily part of our lives. From using Google Maps, to using your phone to call friends and family, to using Netflix - It's EVERYWHERE!

But let's not go off tangent - FOCUS!

In this blog, we're here to talk about why user experience should matter to your businesses website. If you're considering creating a website or contemplating a rebrand but feeling hesitant, you’ve come to the right place! We're here to tell you why user experience can make all the difference in growing your business and getting you the leads and ROI.

A website redesign with good UX can do more than just improve aesthetics...

☀ It will get you found on Google and other search engines more easily

☀ Improve your websites functionality

☀ Make it easy for the user to navigate your website (reread the first sentence of this blog to remind yourself why this is KEY)

☀ Make it easy to share details and information about your products and services with potential clients

All of these factors work together to attract more visitors and bring in more customers for your business. Now, if you want to grow your business and look professional in every aspect it can be tough when you have limited resources and time available for a website or a redesign. But investing now and seeing the leads roll in will pay for itself.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.”- Justin Mifsud, founder, Usability Geek
what is the top priority for your business in the next 5 years? 45.9% customer experience, 20.5% pricing,  33.6% product. Design Hour Website design for user experience is very important

Start off by asking yourself - what are your goals and vision for your business? Ultimately, if you're serious about improving your brand's image, it might be time to make the move!

Looking to get started or still feeling lost, book your free 20 min consultation with us. We will help you answer any questions that may be holding you back.

Or email us at

Design Hour Inc.

Just for fun we're sharing an excellent example of a website with not the greatest User Experience: Shoot us a DM and let us know your experience on this site!

Focus on the user and all else will follow - Rule #1, Google’s “Ten Things” Philosophy


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