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What Makes a Business Card Stand Out?

We’ve all used a business card before - whether you’ve handed them out for your own profession or received them from someone else’s business, it’s highly likely you’ve interacted with several of them before. But what is the difference between the business cards that remain buried deep in a jacket pocket or hidden away in your purse only to be discovered and thrown out, and the ones that keep people connected with your business?

An effective business card will ensure that your target audience remembers YOU when it comes time to use your service or purchase your product, and establishes credibility for your business or yourself as a professional.

The key to creating a valuable business card lies in both the information that you provide and in the design.

When creating your business card, make sure you are including the following key information:

  • Company information: this will include the company or businesses name, logo, tagline and/or brief description of services.

  • Personal information: include your full name and your position or title. If possible, be specific about what it is you do exactly. The less generic, the more memorable you will be.

  • Contact information: make sure you include all your key points of contact that will make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you when needed. Don’t keep them guessing. This can include - but is not limited to - phone number, email, website, or social media handles.

  • QR Code: if you find that the amount of information on your card can be too overwhelming for a reader, including a QR Code that when scanned, takes the customer to a digital business card, may also be an effective way to ensure they have all the information they need. One great example of this is the website hihello - a platform where you can create a digital business card where individuals can scan and save your contact info (just in case they do lose that business card!).

Once you have all of the essential information on your card, the next step is the design! There is no right or wrong way to design a business card, as your design needs will vary depending on your profession, business, and target audience. However, there are some ways in which you can level up your business card design and make it memorable:

business card design for Design Hour business. Company name and logo. Brand Colours. Description of services.

Make sure the design reflects your business or your work: for example, keep it consistent with your brand guidelines or colour palette.

  • Include visual elements: this can be your logo, a photo showcasing your work, a profile photo, abstract elements or icons.

  • Spacing and organization: making sure you are using white space effectively. This can be done by ensuring information is in an easy-to-read grouping and that you aren’t overcrowding the business card with too much text or too many visual elements.

Design Hour business card example which shows the company name and logo on top left. Harleen Singh Kohli is the business owners names on the business. card. The fonder and brand and marketing design services is the title of Harleen Singh Kohli owner of Design Hour company. Bottom left is the qr code that reads scan to save contact and email that reads

Remember… in a time where productivity and efficiency is key, less is more! Make sure you make your business card easy to read and understand, but without letting that simplicity take away from your brand’s personality.

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