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How Do I Make my Instagram Feed Look Better?

Creating an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed involves a combination of thoughtful planning, cohesive content, and consistent visual elements. Here are some tips to make your Instagram feed look good:

image of woman in a cafe taking a photo of her food and late
  1. Choose a Theme or Style:

  • Decide on a consistent theme or style for your feed. This could be based on colours, filters, or a specific type of content (e.g., travel, fashion, minimalism).

  1. Consistent Colour Palette:

  • Stick to a cohesive colour palette that complements your theme. Consistency in colours can make your feed visually appealing.

  1. Use Filters Thoughtfully:

  • Apply filters consistently to maintain a cohesive look. Experiment with different filters to find one that suits your style, but don't overdo it. Natural and subtle filters often work well.

  1. Plan Your Grid:

  • Plan your posts in advance and consider the overall grid view. You can use tools like UNUM to visualize how your upcoming posts will look together.

  1. Maintain Consistent Composition:

  • Pay attention to the composition of your photos. Consistent framing or angles can contribute to a visually harmonious feed.

  1. Mix Up Content Types:

  • Include a variety of content types, such as photos, quotes, and videos. This keeps your feed interesting and engaging.

  1. Tell a Story:

  • Consider the narrative flow of your feed. Arrange your posts to tell a story or showcase a journey, creating a more engaging experience for your followers.

  1. Balance:

  • Balance different types of content and avoid posting too much of one thing in a row. This helps maintain variety and keeps your feed interesting.

  1. Use High-Quality Imagery:

  • Ensure your photos are of high quality. Good lighting, sharp focus, and clear images will contribute to a polished feed.

image of person holding their photo and scrolling through their instagram feed

Keeping a consistent visual theme is crucial for improving your Instagram feed. Focus on using similar colour palettes and editing styles for your photos. Create specific guidelines to follow for each photo to maintain a polished look. This helps establish a recognizable identity on Instagram. Experiment within these guidelines to keep your feed engaging and dynamic.

If building an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed feels overwhelming, consider enlisting the help from our team at Design Hour. We can help you create a strategy, design visually appealing templates, and manage your account(s) to help you grow your community. We take the weight off your shoulders and help you focus on what you do best - running your business!

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