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5 FREE Fonts on Canva You Need to Save for Your Next Project

We don’t know about you, but for us, choosing which fonts to use can be one of the hardest parts of starting any project, and it can make creating content so frustrating. We know the struggle - Instead of scrolling endlessly through tiktok, we spend our days scrolling through fonts! (that’s the life of a designer I guess). If you can relate, don’t go anywhere! We’re here to help simplify your design process and let you in on our secret.

Here are 5 of our favourite (& FREE!) Canva fonts that you can use in your designs:

Libre Baskerville: Libre Baskerville is a super versatile serif font. It can be used for classic and professional designs, or it can be used if you are looking to create a vintage look.

Design Hour recommends using Libre Baskerville for your next project on Canva

The Seasons: One of our favourites! The great thing about this Canva font, is that there are different variations of thicknesses that can be used. Want to emphasize a certain phrase, word or heading? You can use the thicker font. Want to make your design feel light and sleek? Use the thinner one. 🌼The Seasons is perfect if you are looking to add a natural or earthy feel to your design, while also remaining super chic!

Design Hour recommends using The Seasons for your next project on Canva

Montserrat: While we do love our serif fonts, let’s not forget about the sans serif ones. If you are looking for a font with a modern and minimalistic look, try out the Montserrat font. Not only does it also make a great pairing with The Seasons, this sans serif font has different variations of thicknesses available to use as well.

Design Hour recommends using Montserrat for your next project on Canva

Glacial Indifference: Another great, versatile, sans serif font is Glacial Indifference. It can also be used in various types of design projects, ranging from social media posts to branding.

Design Hour recommends using Glacial Indifference for your next project on Canva

Eyesome Script: Looking to add a bit of flair to your designs? You may want to opt-in for a script or cursive font. One Canva font we are loving right now is Eyesome Script. It is elegant and clean, while still giving off that “handwriting” feel. The best part is that it does all this while also being easy-to-read! Oftentimes cursive fonts, no matter how beautiful they may be, are difficult to read at a first glance. So when you find one that is, you have to hold it close and never let go!

Design Hour recommends using Eyesome Script for your next project on Canva

Parisienne: Lastly, but certainly not least, is Parisienne. Another cursive font, although it is much different than the eyesome script. It is more structured, and doesn’t look like it’s been handwritten. Just as the name implies, this font is giving ✨ elegance, chic, and class ✨

Design Hour recommends using Parisienne for your next project on Canva

With just these 5 fonts, you can create endless combinations of font pairings that can be used for any of your design needs. Here are a couple of examples of how they can be used in creating social media content:

Design Hour is showing in this example of a open house instagram post slide using montserrat and libre baskerville fonts that you can apply for your next project on Canva
Design Hour is showing in this example of how to layout using fonts that we recommend like these: eyesome script and Glacial Indifference fonts that you can apply for your next project on Canva
Design Hour is showing in this example of how to layout using fonts that we recommend like these:  the seasons and montserrat fonts that you can apply for your next project on Canva

Never spend hours on finding *THAT* perfect font again! Don’t forget to save this as a reference for your future design and content creation projects. For more inside tips and secrets, sign up to our Happy Hour Newsletter 🥂

PS. We may or may not be giving you an exclusive sneak peek at our Digital Templates that we will be launching soon!


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